We work with three spirits to provide good quality service to our clients.

We provide high quality services with accurate knowledge and legal stature. Our company always employ appropriate and the latest new technology design method of constructions. In our design, one of our priorities is to contribute to the activation of the local environment.
We are always updating and engaging the latest technology of system and logic in our design. Our team related specialist under us would work with clients in order to create new and valuable results.
It is our top priority to have a close partnership with the project working circle. We emphasize that effective communication will give our clients trust and satisfaction.

Sala designfs positive attitude will keep up the promise to our three spirits.

1. Communication
* Agreeing to a common schedule using close communication.
* Grasp clientfs needs accurately.
* Explain courteously to clients and partners.

2. Teamwork
* Make the best use of our network to exchange information.
* Collaborations with all types of specialist.
* Respect to all.

3. Skill up
* Consistent self improvement.
* Serious research.

4. Speed up
* Advance preparation.
* On timework with no mistake.
* Necessary information available at hand.


Sala design can provide comprehensively management of all following services.
And we can provide each services of each phase.